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3. Does pad make that much difference  in the wearing of carpet? It sure does, and the cost of the upgrade is really minimal. Most pads come in different weights from 4lbs to 8lbs and thickness of 1/4 inch to 9/16 inch. Re-bond pad is the most common type, don't even put in a thin cheap foam pad, even if a store give it away! For commercial carpets, they use firm felt type pads, and rubber foam. there are good quality foam pads. Omalon is one that comes to mind, thatis a luxury foam type pad.  

All Carpet Repair Pat Snyder

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I  also do custom interiors, and replacements, for RVs  Vans  Boats, and I've  even done airplanes!

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'Hello, I  specialize in all aspects of CARPET REPAIR in Portland and surrounding areas.  How about those ripples or waves in the carpet, those are signs that the carpets are in need of re-stretching. Carpets will loosen up for many reasons.  They may have been installed by a contractor who used a knee kicker instead of a Power stretcher; which is the proper way to install a carpet. Sometimes steam cleaning a carpet may loosen up the latex on the back causing the carpet to loosen up. When I restretch a carpet I always use the power-stretcher  which guarantees it will never loosen up again. Pet Damage from your pets is one of my most common repairs, burns, tears, bleach stains are some of the repairs I come across.  Seam repairs, berber carpets and patchwork are also repairs I specialize in. Do you have a R.V, Fifth wheel, or trailer that needs carpet replacement?  With over 25 years experience, I have repaired just about anything that can happen to a carpet. I guarantee all my work and take pride in doing so, if you want prompt and reliable service as quickly as possible, or have any questions, call or email me.

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1.Do I have to move all the furniture out of a room? 

No, I can maneuver most furniture when I power-stretch a room, moving small items makes it faster and easier though. I will come out  to your home and give you an estimate and tell you what pieces need to be moved.

I have saved my customers large expense and inconvenience repairing and stretching their carpets when they thought they had to  be replaced.

2. When a carpet is patched is it durable?

Yes, with modern seam tapes and glues, seams and patches are bonded to the backing, so they're very durable and can be cleaned just about right away after the repair is completed!