8. Can you do carpet to wood or tile carpet transitions?

Yes,I can install your carpet up to a tile or wood floor. Its becoming common to do the hallway in a hard surface and meet the bedroom carpets to the edge of the wood or tile flooring.




Looseand Rippled carpets are a trip hazard and wear out faster! I can repair and Re-stretch them with a tool called a Power- Stretcher!  Call Pat Snyder at  All Carpet  Repair 503 953 2220

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9. When you do carpet installations, do you use a knee kicker? Well yes, more so to maneuver the carpet in position and to set a corner before stretching.I use a long machine called a Power Stretcher that extends from one wall to the other. The stretcher guarantees the carpets will be stretched in properly, so you won't have loose or rippled carpets later on down the road. A knee kicker should be used for setting walls and small areas! but never to install large rooms!


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 FAQ's Continued...


3. My pet urinated on the carpet, it soaked into the floor. Should I put a sealer before I replace the carpet in that area?

Yes, in extreme urine cases I recommend sealing the floor because the urine has migrated to the subfloor. A cement or wood floor absorbs urine and should be treated to keep out the odor and keep the pet from going back to that area. I also replace tack-strip as well. Expect the patch to be larger than the stain on top because urine will spread throughout the back of the carpet!

4. Do Carpet patches show?

It depends on the age of the carpet.  Worn or faded carpet patched with newer carpet sometimes shows until it is worn in. Low pile, berbers  and light colored carpets show more, than a darker color carpet.  A newer carpet that is patched blends in if done by an experienced carpet repairman. You also need material to patch with! If you don't have any extra carpet laying around and the carpet your repairing runs into the closets, you can take it from there!

5. What causes a carpet to loosen or Ripple?

Usually a carpet ripples when it is not stretched in using a power-stretcher. Also steam cleaning carpet may loosen a carpet if the backing stays wet too long. And It seems some carpets loosen up because of inferior backings.

6. Is it cost-effective to get a carpet repair instead of replacing carpet?

I have saved many customers thousands of dollars and the headache of moving all the furniture. If the carpet is good quality and you still like the color and texture, SURE it is cost-effective! Give me a call. My name is Pat Snyder and I will give some advice and a free estimate! (503) 953-2220. or Email me allcarpetrepair@gmail.com


7.Pets damage is one of my most common repairs, and they don't know better.Sometimes locking an animal in a room causes it to tear at the door to get out.  Dogs and cats may dig into the carpet!  Cat's naturally need to sharpen their claws, so they either go for the furniture or the carpets .I've done many repairs from rabbits to guinea pigs!

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